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Nice to meet you! I’m an Ayurvedic Selfcare Tool for removing bacteria that have formed overnight. Toxic build-ups you don’t always see, but you do smell.

Let’s get rid of these by cleaning your tongue.

You like routines?

You like me.

Don’t like routines?

You’re gonna love me, because I improve your mouth and gut health. And you can kiss, like you’ve never kissed before.


This is how you use the tongue cleaner

Wake up, let your thoughts be, say ‘thank you’ because you can, head over to the sink.

Look in the mirror and stick out your tongue (don’t worry I won’t be offended).

Hold my ends with your thumb and finger.

Place my rounded part as far back as comfartably as possible (be kind to yourself).

With firm but gentle pressure, scrape the surface of your tongue in one long stroke, from back to front. Do this 12 times (sorry)

Rinse me (I want to be clean as well)

Brush your teeth

Do a little dance and rock your day!

Op dit moment kan er niet besteld worden in de webshop. Excuses voor het ongemak.


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